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A: Opc.Ua.Somachine.V4.1.exe (this is the file which you downloaded from the github) is not a standalone exe. It is part of the library. So the executable cannot be executed. A massive new trove of government documents sheds light on the culture and inner workings of the Senate Republican leadership, including details of how those in power typically craft Senate votes, respond to threats from rank-and-file senators and even pressure their own leadership on leadership votes. The new cache of records is part of the Senate Historical Office’s trove of files relating to the leadership of former Senate Majority Leader Robert C. Byrd, the more recent majority leaders, Minority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Whip Jon Kyl, and the junior and senior ranking members of the Foreign Relations Committee, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John McCain, respectively. Among the previously closed material in the files is a 1974 memo on leadership “tactics,” written by a staff member to Sen. Bob Haldeman, a top aide to Byrd. The former Mississippi senator’s memos and notes from a period when he was a top-ranking senator make for some compelling reading and insight into the typical decision-making process of the party’s most senior leaders. The 27-page document, addressed to Haldeman, is full of quotes from Byrd, including the opening lines: “A while back,” he begins, “I wrote a memo about leadership. It got some ink, so I’d like to copy you some of it.” The new material covers a range of subjects, from how votes are typically crafted on controversial issues like abortion rights, to the thorny issue of whether or not Byrd should be allowed to run for reelection this year. And it also includes insights from an era when senators were known for their unique and sometimes colorful nicknames, like the “Jell-O Kid” Thurmond of South Carolina. The memo, written by Haldeman, includes a series of “takeaways” from his conversation with Byrd. A number of them shed light on the thinking of the Senate’s most powerful leaders, including a reminder from Byrd that “the average senator would be careful not to piss off his colleagues” if he wanted to keep his job. The senator also noted that he had “strong feelings” that the issue


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